Garden of Eden


Abandon your obligatory world and step into the therapeutic Garden of Eden where the trenquilty you seek is within reach. The beautiful Mistress Scorpio welcomes you into her sensuous atmosphere. Enticing you sweetly as she works out your body wholly. Join this sultry looker as she rehabilitates you to new. Specializing in substantive relaxation, decompression body massage, deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy for your recreational desires.


Enjoy personalized pampering catered to tactually removing all the aches and pains from an active life. Unwinding in comfort as the friendly Mistress Scorpio tends to your restorative needs. Flirtatiously relax in a private suite while alleviating the growing strain on your body. Awakening the senses our lovely hostess offers warm unscented massage oil or lotion to use during the session. With refreshing amentaties and shower available upon request as well.


Our charming masseuse’s touch matched with her meticulous approach will relieve any built up tension from a tedious lifestyle. Soft talented hands sternly glide along your muscles edge kneeding away the accumulative lactic acid. In the process removing knots from poor posture, stress, working out, or strenuous labor. Mistress Scorpio knowledgeably applies pressure across problem areas that may arise in the sholders, lower back, hips and calfs. Stimulating your muscles and in turn increasing blood flow. Improving your overall circulation and dexterity. These stimulating techniques rejuvenate the body fully allowing you to feel reenergized. Our bubbly Mistress Scorpio looks forward to fulfilling all your remedial needs. Simply request she show you the way into the Garden of Eden.